Diversity and Inclusion

At hackajob, we are committed to helping companies maximise their diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) efforts. After all, research shows us that the best performing teams are diverse, yet hiring often exposes both our conscious and unconscious biases; whether it’s ethnicity, race, disability, gender, social/educational backgrounds and more.

As part of our Talent Insights offering, we capture a range of protected characteristics, including disability, race (including nationality, ethnic or national origin) and sex. Whilst we do not report on individuals, we do report on the adverse impact on underrepresented groups throughout their hiring journey.


Directly working with employers to understand the impact their hiring processes can have, we can provide data on roles within an organisation, comparing them directly, to understand things such as why conversion rates fluctuate between hiring managers, and salary bias. Using this information, our team can highlight areas of improvement, to ensure that your talent pipeline improves as a result. We can also provide further expertise and guidance, including how to run effective and unbiased interviews.

Our wider marketing team work with directly partners across the globe, including CodeWeekend, YourGamePlan and Manchester Digital to ensure that we are able to expose companies using hackajob, to a vast range of different audiences, all of whom are committed to making a difference.