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AeroCloud’s mission is to become the largest provider of operation automation software for the small to medium-sized airport market globally.

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About AeroCloud

AeroCloud’s mission is to become the largest provider of operation automation software for the small to medium-sized airport market globally. We entered the U.S. market in 2017, establishing partnerships by understanding the most pressing problems faced by US airports and solving those complex challenges through a co-creation model.

The result - our intelligent airport management platform was formed and continues to make operations teams' lives easier by increasing situational awareness, centralizing all airport data, automating tasks, predicting passengers, managing gate usage, and ensuring every stakeholder across the airport gets the information they need in real-time.

The AeroCloud platform is 100% cloud-native, meaning it's available anywhere on any device. The platform includes leading-edge features like AI and machine learning at a price point within reach of airports of all sizes. AeroCloud aligns operations across multiple departments and has helped rapidly-growing airports across the USA and Europe.

Why AeroCloud?

We’re focused on your success.

  • We work hard to make sure our customers' operations work effectively and efficiently. That’s our focus, nothing else. Day in, day out, we’ll automate tasks to help you succeed and make sure your airport runs smoothly.

We could save you money.

  • Our platform is more affordable than you think for something so powerful. Because it’s modular, we can give you the parts you need without paying for anything you don’t.

We’re not just another software vendor; we’re a partner.

  • Our team is a unique blend of problem solvers. Energetic customer supporters, super-smart technology engineers, and deep industry experts focused on overcoming your challenges.

Our platform is something you need to see and try.

  • It’s cloud-native, easy-to-use, scalable, and you can access it anywhere on any device. You can even run your airport from home. Let us give you a demo, and we think you’ll be impressed.

We’re creating buzz.

  • Our customers love working with us, and we can prove it. Just ask, and we’ll put you in touch with them.

Careers at AeroCloud

We're always looking for talented people to join our team, and we're growing fast. We're AeroCloud. We think airports deserve better. We've brought cloud-native, easy-to-use, anywhere and any device, AI, and machine learning-driven technology to airports that haven't been able to access it before.

Our airport operations platform is upsetting the status quo in the industry. It's been created in partnership with airports themselves, and we've prioritised solving the key challenges operations teams have. Our focus on their needs - both in our technology and in relationships -  is our advantage.

Our founders lead our team. Our energetic CEO George Richardson leads the relationship-building commercial side, and our sharp and perceptive CTO Ian Forde-Smith leads the problem-solving technology side.

Are you someone who can help an airport understand and solve their pains? Or a full-stack developer who can build some awesome tech? Or can you fill any of the other roles we need to build a great software company? Take a look at our vacancies, and apply now.

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Our Benefits


  • Competitive compensation
  • Flexible working environment & hours
  • Extensive up skill opportunities
  • We appreciate good coffee
  • Share options scheme


  • 25 days of paid time off per year


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