Engage and nurture passive talent

Build your tech EVP and showcase your company, people and roles to a tailored, engaged audience. Increase awareness and introduce candidates to your tech stack.

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Build a bespoke tech 'employee value proposition (EVP)'

Work with our hackajob brand experts to build out a bespoke EVP, tailored entirely to your organization. We’ll work together across three different verticals: contentpodcasting and events, to create an ongoing media plan.

Nurture passive talent

We have an engaged audience of over 500,000+ people working across the software development lifecycle, around the world. Introduce chosen pools of talent to your brand and nurture them long term, until they’re ready to find a new role. 

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Create rich content: improve conversion rates

We offer a range of different content types including hackathons, tech tutorial, in-person events, podcasts and newsletters. Our brand team work on the creation, meaning you can use rich content experiences to improve conversion rates across your hiring funnel. 

Transparent information upfront

Our brand experts will target your content directly to candidates who are most likely to engage. Sharing attributes that matter, you’ll be able to understand job titles, industry and years of experience, in order to piece together your new-found talent pipeline. 

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Other products

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Talent Assessments

Our collection of technical assessments helps companies reduce their time-to-hire by 60% and are available across Software Engineering and DevOps, enabling you to assess candidate competency with ease. hackajob assessments support over 30+ front end and back end languages.
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Talent Insights

Learn more about your hiring funnel, including progression and acceptance rates, as well as the diversity of your talent pipeline and what you can do to improve.
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Talent Marketplace

Source and assess tech candidates, including Software Developers, DevOps Engineers, Data Scientists and more, from a highly engaged talent pool. All hackajob candidates are pre-screened and ready to interview.