Vodafone is one of the largest telecoms companies in the world, operating in 26 countries and in partnerships with networks in over 55 more. Providing a vast range of services to both consumers and enterprise customers, Vodafone’s offerings include mobile, fixed and TV. An industry leader in IoT, Vodafone delivers cloud, security and carrier services to those on an enterprise level.
Building on 30 years of innovation, the brand’s strategy and award-winning customer service is key to its overall success. In fact, the group’s most recent offering: the ‘Digital Vodafone’ programme, is a sustainable business proposition that promises to both benefit society and drives revenue growth. “The future is exciting. Ready?”

The challenge

For Vodafone, a strong pipeline of relevant candidates is key, particularly for their new division, ‘Digital Vodafone’. Needing help to find senior applicants able to work with their new tech stack, Vodafone faced low levels of engagement from candidates and struggled with relevancy from those that were.
With other recruitment platforms unable to provide suitable, relevant candidates, Vodafone had to find a solution to hiring talented candidates to fill the hiring pipeline for their new digital brand. With only a small in-house recruitment team and hiring for a variety of different roles in various different markets, Vodafone needed to be able to quickly identify which candidates were most relevant for the roles they were hiring for, as well as improve their overall perception as a digital brand.

The solution

The team at Secret Escapes needed to build a comprehensive pipeline at scale, meaning that cost-per hire was an important factor. hackajob not only worked out to be significantly cheaper compared to agency costs, but also minimised the amount of candidate wastage. Utilising hackajob’s AI, only the most relevant candidates were put forward for interviews. Seeing candidates with the relevant skills and experience for their advertised roles empowered the team at Secret Escapes to be able to control the kinds of candidates they wanted to see. Also working to streamline their hiring processes, hackajob created personalised technical tests specifically for Secret Escapes’ hiring needs, incorporating set time limits in order to reduce the amount of candidate drop-off.

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Julian Cheng

Lead Talent Acquisition Partner, Sky Betting & Gaming

With hackajob you are getting quality over quantity. Candidates are pre-vetted, and match to what we’re looking for. It’s easy to engage with candidates, schedule interviews, and I love the breakdown of technical skills on candidate’s profiles. The platform has become part of our daily routine, as it only takes a few minutes every day to clear your new matches. We’ve got loads of success stories, and we’ve already made several hires in the short time we’ve been using the platform. The technology space is extremely competitive, and we’re matching with candidates we’ve never seen before.

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