Talent Assessments

Tech assessment that works
We’ve created a collection of tech assessments available across Software Engineering and DevOps, meaning it’s easy to get a better idea of a candidate's skill set. You can even share your favourites directly with your team for quick collaboration and feedback.

Assess technical ability even if you’re not technical

Understanding technical competency shouldn’t just be for your CTO or tech team. We’ve made it so Assess gives you instant feedback on a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses so you can decide whether they’re the right fit for your role, based on their code.

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Save time

Our tests give you an immediate snapshot of a candidate's abilities, highlighting their strengths upfront so there’s no more guesswork. You can choose to either create your own technical test, or use one of our premade options from our custom-built IDE.

Hire fairly and reduce bias

Using Assess means you can create a standardised approach towards candidate evaluation. The result? Far fewer opportunities for unconscious bias to creep in and fairer, more accurate hiring. Just as it should be.


Julian Cheng

Lead Talent Acquisition Partner, Sky Betting & Gaming

With hackajob you are getting quality over quantity. Candidates are pre-vetted, and match to what we’re looking for. It’s easy to engage with candidates, schedule interviews, and I love the breakdown of technical skills on candidate’s profiles. The platform has become part of our daily routine, as it only takes a few minutes every day to clear your new matches. We’ve got loads of success stories, and we’ve already made several hires in the short time we’ve been using the platform. The technology space is extremely competitive, and we’re matching with candidates we’ve never seen before.

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Talent Marketplace

Find top tech talent, fast, from our talent pool. All of our candidates are pre-screened and ready to interview, meaning you can make a hire in just 17 days or less.

Talent Engagement

Want to engage with the tech community but lack the know-how? Look no further than our latest offering ‘Brand’. The first of its kind, Brand is a bespoke solution to help you showcase your company, people and roles you have to offer to a tailored, engaged audience.


Hire the best tech talent remotely and at scale with our brand new remote pair programming tool.