Remove bias and attract diverse talent

Our comprehensive DE&I solution provides you with the data, insights, and tools to empower your recruitment strategy and improve your attractiveness to diverse talent.

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Boost visibility of diverse talent in your hiring funnel

By layering your talent pipeline with our candidate diversity data, you can identify where and why you may be losing diverse talent at various stages. Take action and create a more inclusive hiring environment.

Benchmark against your competitors

Use informed peer comparisons to understand the effectiveness of your hiring process. Compare real-time interview metrics and brand sentiment data to identify performance gaps and where you may fall behind your industry peers.

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Gain valuable employer brand insights

Discover candidates beyond your talent pipeline who have registered interest in your company. Assess their diversity and benchmark against competitors. Leverage brand sentiment data to make improvements to your employer brand, and attract more diverse talent.

Stop losing diverse talent due to a biased process

Potential unconscious bias may be impacting your hiring process. Activate anonymous profiles, and experience AI-powered analysis of your job descriptions to detect bias. Ensure your job ads are inclusive and that your team is focusing solely on technical skill sets. 

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Manage the diversity in your talent pipeline

Match with active candidates based on their technical skills and other attributes. From there, establish your DE&I objectives, and candidates aligned with your goals will receive prioritisation, promoting positive action for diversity and inclusion.

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