Market insights to shape your recruitment strategy

Get tailored reports with meaningful performance and market insights that help you understand the effectiveness of your recruitment processes.

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Understand performance at the touch of a button

Your personalized hackajob dashboard provides a complete birds eye view of tech hiring at your organization. Designed as a plug-and-play solution, break down your interview funnel and uncover metrics such as progression and acceptance rates, as well as technical test completion rate. Use this information to improve your hiring process and understand where you are successful, and where you may need more support, such as your withdrawal rate and where you could be losing tech talent in the process.

Uncover wider marketplace metrics that matter

We leverage rich platform data gathered from hundreds of enterprise employers and over 500,000 candidates to offer a unique perspective on the tech hiring market. Whether you're interested in the number of tech candidates in a specific region or the ratio of onsite to hybrid job opportunities, we build tailored reports that meet specific needs.

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Learn how much tech talent is being paid across specific industries, and break down salaries across seniority and tech discipline. Leverage benchmarking data, including candidate’s average salary expectations for different job categories to gain buy-in with stakeholders in your organisation.

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Salary benchmarking at scale

Break down salaries from junior, mid, senior and lead levels, to understand how much tech candidates are being paid at various other organizations. Our insights break things down at a micro level so you can learn not only what a candidate with one certain skill is interested in, but also, what several skillsets mean in terms of pay. As salaries change rapidly, so does our easy-to-use data platform, meaning you can benchmark against the industry and use this leverage to gain buy-in with both hiring managers, and your overall organization.

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