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Expand your tech hiring reach with targeted content, podcasts, and events. Nurture passive talent, track engagement, and build a strong employer brand. Attract over 500,000 tech professionals and improve your recruitment with detailed brand insights and data. 

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Reach a wider tech audience to make future hires

Nurture passive tech talent until they’re ready to find their next role with content, podcasts and events put together by our team of brand experts.

Target a specific audience from our global tech community of over 500,000 tech professionals. Monitor engagement metrics and follow candidate journeys from initial engagement with your content, to getting hired.

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Brand Insights

Create a bespoke tech employer brand proposition

Spotlight your company’s tech stack, culture, and latest projects to create a compelling tech employer brand proposition that resonates with a specific audience.

Create an effective long-term recruitment strategy by learning about the audience engaging with your content, from tech discipline to level of experience.

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Brand Sentiment

Boost conversion metrics with brand sentiment data

Harness in depth data such as decline reasons and brand page analytics to gain a deeper understanding of brand sentiment from candidates who have engaged with your company.

Compare this with similar companies, and boost your interview conversion metrics with tweaks and improvements to your messaging, brand page, and more.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Saved over £350k in agency fees

We have saved over 350k in agency fees and make on average, at least 5 offers per month via the hackajob platform. With 30+ of our latest placements being in senior and lead engineering roles in the highly competitive Java market.

Varun Gill, Talent Acquisition Lead
Varun Gill, Talent Acquisition Lead
Reduced time to hire to just 21 days

We consistently make a minimum of 3 hires per month and have saved over £27,000 ($33k) vs agency fees, so far. By using the hackajob platform, our team at Boohoo have a 100% offer-to-acceptance rate and have reduced our time to hire to just 21 days.

Bharat Chudasama, Talent Acquisition Partner
Bharat Chudasama, Talent Acquisition Partner
82% of tech talent want to work for the Very Group

Using hackajob’s brand offering, we've seen over 82% of tech talent wanting to join The Very Group. We've made hires through online events and podcasts. Plus, 1 in every 15 matches on the hackajob platform turns into a hire. It's saved us a ton compared to regular agency fees.

Sean Allen, Head of Talent Acqusition
Sean Allen, Head of Talent Acqusition

Rated 4.8 out of 5 on G2

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The Hackajob team are amazing- they really do feel like an extension of your internal Talent Team who are rooting for your success. It is very useful that you can see how long candidates have been on the market for as knowing you have caught them within 1 or 2 days is great.

Katie F.
Talent Acquisition Manager

hackajob has excellent candidate-matching functionality to connect us to the most relevant profiles. Candidates are vetted by their team and are generally very receptive to discussing job opportunities. They take pride in taking a leading position in the UK tech sector and have a highly engaged community of talent.

David F.
Coe Lead - IT & Technology

I recruit for product and hosted operations roles, the candidate quality has been excellent & you can connect to candidates quickly. Our Account Manager, Maddy is fantastic, she assists on making our roles more accessible, quick to add new positions and answer any other queries we have!

Jasmine C.
Resourcing Business Partner

Hackajob is one of the best tools we use for Tech recruitment. It makes sourcing candidates much slicker & easier. The candidates that it suggests us are typically bang on to what we are looking for, instead of having to scroll through 100's of candidates (like on other platforms) Hackajob gives us suitable candidates from the get go!

Jack B.
Talent Sourcing Specialist

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