Assess candidate competency with ease

Our collection of technical assessments helps companies reduce their time-to-hire by 60% and are available across Software Engineering and DevOps, enabling you to assess candidate competency with ease. hackajob assessments support over 30+ front end and back end languages. 

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Assess technical ability, even if you’re not technical

Understanding technical competency shouldn’t be for just your CTO or tech team. Our technical assessments are designed to provide instant feedback on a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, so you can decide whether or not they’re right for your role, based on their ability. 

Live remote interviewing tools

Our remote interviewing tools are designed with built-in video and chat functionality so you can chat with candidates live, as they code. You can see their screen, watch them take technical assessments and take control of the session and annotate on-screen. When they’re finished, you’ll find automated scoring for async testing. 

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Save time without the guesswork

hackajob’s testing platform gives you an immediate snapshot of a candidate's abilities, highlighting their strengths upfront. Choose to either create your own technical test, or use a pre-made option from our custom-built IDE. 

Reduce unconscious bias

Our technical assessments are designed to create a standardized approach towards candidate evaluation. By choosing to evaluate a candidate on their skill set vs their background, you’ll find fewer opportunities for unbiased hiring to creep in. We can also advise you on how to run effective and unbiased interviews. 

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