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hackajob on-demand is for companies requiring a fast, flexible, and compliant solution to contract-based tech hiring.

Discover top-tier talent spanning 150+ tech job titles, from software engineering to project managers and UI/UX.

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Skilled and verified tech talent

hackajob candidates are pre-screened before they go live in our marketplace. Our 10-step onboarding process ensures your job meets their skill set and criteria.

Supporting over 150+ tech job types and 2000+ tech skills, hackajob on-demand guarantees high-quality matches for any urgent tech project.

Charlotte Williams C++ Developer
Ethan Reynolds Product designer
Nathaniel Sterling Full Stack Developer
Lucas Whitman Java Developer
Elijah Caldwell Data Scientist
Maxwell Harrington Android Developer
Lauren Tan Product Manager
Amelia Sinclair Business Analyst

Contractors in the UK, US and global remote


Tech roles supported

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Fast, flexible and on-demand
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Share your project requirements, including contract length and technical skill set.


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Take the work out of contract hiring

Unlike agencies, we combine technology with in-house customer success experts and leading workforce management partners to ensure a simple, fast, and risk-free hiring experience. 

Plus, we take away the heavy lifting of sourcing, payroll, and onboarding so you can focus on delivering business-critical projects, on time.


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Meet exceptional candidates in 24 hours

Share your project requirements and instantly match with high-quality, available tech contractors that meet your needs.

Build a shortlist and meet candidates in as little as 24 hours. Find someone to join your team, then we'll manage the contract and onboarding process, compliantly.

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Ferhat Seferoglu
Senior Talent Specialist

“We rely on hackajob for freelance tech hiring requirements

"hackajob is easy to navigate, user-friendly, and effective in connecting with active tech candidates that you can’t find elsewhere. 

I rely on hackajob for any technical hiring requirements including both permanent and freelance roles, which I recruit heavily for."

The hackajob difference

Rated 4.8 out of 5 on G2

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The Hackajob team are amazing- they really do feel like an extension of your internal Talent Team who are rooting for your success. It is very useful that you can see how long candidates have been on the market for as knowing you have caught them within 1 or 2 days is great.

Katie F.
Talent Acquisition Manager

hackajob has excellent candidate-matching functionality to connect us to the most relevant profiles. Candidates are vetted by their team and are generally very receptive to discussing job opportunities. They take pride in taking a leading position in the UK tech sector and have a highly engaged community of talent.

David F.
Coe Lead - IT & Technology

I recruit for product and hosted operations roles, the candidate quality has been excellent & you can connect to candidates quickly. Our Account Manager, Maddy is fantastic, she assists on making our roles more accessible, quick to add new positions and answer any other queries we have!

Jasmine C.
Resourcing Business Partner

Hackajob is one of the best tools we use for Tech recruitment. It makes sourcing candidates much slicker & easier. The candidates that it suggests us are typically bang on to what we are looking for, instead of having to scroll through 100's of candidates (like on other platforms) Hackajob gives us suitable candidates from the get go!

Jack B.
Talent Sourcing Specialist

Save time and effort sourcing top tech talent

Frequently asked questions

What locations are candidates available in?

On hackajob, you can source and hire tech talent in the US, UK, India, and global remote.

What skill sets and seniorities are available on hackajob?

We support over 150+ tech job titles across all seniorities from entry to manager level and employment types including permanent, contract, and freelance. You can see the full list of roles here

What makes hackajob on-demand different from a job board?

Unlike job boards, hackajob doesn't operate as a searchable database. Instead, companies are matched with pre-screened and available contractors based on their skills and preferences, resulting in higher relevancy and efficiency for both parties. 

What type of support is available to companies using hackajob on-demand?

Our dedicated team of Customer and Talent Success Managers offers hands-on assistance and insights to ensure a seamless hiring process.

Are we limited by the number of jobs we can post?

No, hackajob on-demand accommodates enterprise and mid-market organisations hiring for multiple or single project needs. There are no limits on the number of users or hires you can make.

Who is the Employer of Record (EOR) with hackajob on-demand?

With hackajob on-demand, we act as the Employer of Record (EOR), taking on all employment responsibilities, including compliance, payroll, and onboarding, in the US, UK, and global-remote.

Where do hackajob candidates come from?

80% of hackajob’s talent pool come from inbound sources such as candidate referrals, events, and advertising. Also, 45% of live candidates are returning users, ensuring you meet unique candidates on hackajob that you won't find elsewhere.

How do you ensure compliance with IR35 in the UK and other employment regulations?

We partner with leading workforce management platforms to mitigate the risks of hiring freelancers and contractors and ensure compliance with employment regulation laws worldwide, including specific requirements like IR35 in the UK and IC Compliance in the US.

How soon can I use hackajob on-demand?

Join our waitlist, and we'll get in touch with the next steps!

Save time and effort sourcing top tech talent