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"The hackajob team provided us with insights into diversity including neurodiversity, ethnicity and gender."


The Boohoo Group pride themselves on doing things differently.

Their attitude is simple: Hire the very best people in the sector and give them the scope, autonomy and authority to use their talent to drive their business forward. Growing at a phenomenal rate, in the last two years alone, they’ve added an additional eight brands to their roster and have increased their customers from 13 million, to 19 million.

With strong growth came a need to develop their tech infrastructure even further, needing to hire tech talent to help the team at The Boohoo Group continue their journey. With so many brands joining The Boohoo Group, reducing their overall time-to-hire was a must, in order to keep pace with their high trajectory.

The Challenge

The Boohoo Group are predominantly a Javascript house, but also hire in Java and PHP. Hiring for both entry-level and senior roles, The Boohoo Group wanted to ensure they were seeing a diverse talent pipeline, reducing bias in the recruitment process.

As they needed to hire for a breadth of roles across London and Manchester in the UK, with some remote jobs also thrown into the mix, the team at Boohoo needed a solution that gave them tangible data, underpinning their hiring process, to help them make data-driven decisions that would best suit their needs.

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"hackajob helps us match the right candidates to our roles so we can overcome any salary or technical fit obstacles. We're able to narrow the funnel."

The Solution

Working with hackajob, The Boohoo Group were able to gain access to a wide range of data points, to help them make strategic decisions in regards to their overall hiring plans. Relevancy was also key, to ensure that Boohoo were able to find and hire tech talent that met their needs. Narrowing the funnel was of the upmost importance, to avoid any salary or technical-fit obstacles.

Streamlining their internal recruitment systems was also crucial, so having hackajob integrate with Workable, their Applicant Tracking System (ATS) of choice, made things much easier for the team at The Boohoo Group.


Working with hackajob, The Boohoo Group consistently make a minimum of 3 hires per month and have saved over £27,000 ($33k) vs agency fees, so far. By using the hackajob platform, the team at Boohoo have a 100% offer-to-acceptance rate and have reduced their time to hire to just 21 days.

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