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Technical testing success

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Secret Escapes is the worst-kept secret in luxury travel. A members-only travel company specializing in heavily discounted luxury hotel stays and trips, Secret Escapes negotiate exclusive rates at up to 60% off the price you’d pay by booking anywhere else. 

Founded in 2011, Secret Escapes is one of the world’s most innovative travel commerce enterprises. Offering prices better than any other luxury travel operator, Secret Escapes has over 50 million members worldwide. 

Secret Escapes has seen huge growth, having acquired Travista, JustBook and mycitytravel and securing £156 million ($195m) in funding since its inception.

The Challenge

For Secret Escapes, a strong, current pipeline of potential candidates is critical to their success. Needing at least 100 technical candidates in the pipeline each month for front-end, UX, Java and DevOps roles, speed was also crucial. 

Having a small recruitment team to hire for the entire business and not just tech roles, the team at Secret Escapes needed help with their ambitious tech hiring plans. They wanted to be able to hire tech talent on demand, but this wasn’t the only hurdle they faced. 

Because Secret Escapes is seen as a travel company and not a tech company, finding a way to showcase their tech stack was equally as important, in order to hire top quality candidates

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The solution

The team at Secret Escapes needed to build a comprehensive pipeline at scale, meaning that cost-per hire was an important factor. hackajob not only worked out to be significantly cheaper compared to agency costs, but also minimized the amount of candidate wastage.

Utilizing hackajob’s AI, only the most relevant candidates were put forward for interviews. Seeing candidates with the relevant skills and experience for their advertised roles empowered the team at Secret Escapes to be able to control the kinds of candidates they wanted to see.

Also working to streamline their hiring processes, hackajob created personalized technical tests specifically for Secret Escapes’ hiring needs, incorporating set time limits in order to reduce the amount of candidate drop-off.

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