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How to stand out to tech talent

"hackajob was a way we could tap into a large network of tech professionals that we wouldn't have normally."


The Very Group is a family of digital retail brands who are passionate about helping families get more out of life. With over 2,000 big brands as well as their popular own brand collections, The Very Group offers a range of flexible payment options, to suit every customer.

The Challenge

Being one of the biggest retailers in the UK, the Very Group hire for a variety of roles within tech including UX/UI, Data, Engineering, Test and Architecture. After coming out of the global pandemic, the team at Very needed to find a way to communicate their brand story, authentically, to a tech market that had changed dramatically.

The team at Very wanted to find a way to share the innovative work they do, particularly in tech, to a candidate-first market that had completely changed. Prior to COVID-19, the job market was incredibly different, with brands now having to think outside of the box and craft a compelling employee value proposition (EVP) in order to attract candidates who had more career choices than ever before.

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"What we've been able to do is make bespoke content and get our story to the market and change the perception of our brand."

The Solution

Working in partnership with hackajob, The Very Group were able to create bespoke, multi-purpose pieces of content in order to help tell their brand story to a strategic audience of people that they didn’t have access to previously.

Having worked together on everything from podcasts to blogs, newsletters and events, the team at Very were able to repurpose the content created in order to share their tech journey, highlighting areas including their infrastructure, approach to Black Friday and their early careers programme, to name but a few.

Using the sourcing side of the hackajob platform, the Very team also streamlined their hiring processes and reduce their time to hire overall.


By utilizing hackajob’s brand offering, over 82% of tech talent now want to work for The Very Group, with hires made off the back of both online events and podcasts. As well as this, 1 in every 15 successful matches results in a hire on the hackajob platform, and they have made a breadth of hires for a fraction of the costs, vs typical agency fees.

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