The power of people building

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Code doesn’t lie. It’s binary. 0s and 1s.

If this, then that. There is right. There is wrong. But what seems like cold, inanimate technology on the surface, is actually quite human. Because code, at its most basic, is routed in the most human of traits: honesty, integrity, fairness. Code doesn’t lie. It doesn’t judge.

We’ve all seen the cliches of Mr Robot and the masked Anonymous hackers. But that’s not who really keeps the world ticking. It’s normal folk, from all walks of life, who just happen to speak some different languages.

Code has impact.

The big problems of our time? Solved by code. Ever seen a SpaceX rocket come back from orbit and reverse land right on a cross with millimeter precision? You guessed it. Code.

But it doesn’t have to be rocket science. It’s also the smaller yet equally important things that are made better by code. Two people meeting for the first time, love on the mind. Code. 

Sending a present at 2 hours’ notice, from the other side of the world, when you forgot  a birthday you really shouldn’t have forgotten. Code.


The impact is in the hands of those that write it.

There is a lot that can be made better by code but ultimately, it’s the people behind the code will do that. The impact is in the hands of those that write it. 

Take the world of recruitment, for example. hackajob exists because there is so much wrong. The CV is flawed. Recruiters are opaque about the process and companies often hide behind that ambiguity. Yet it’s in their best interest to attract the best talent. Now more than ever.

We believe that everyone trying to find a new job deserves a fair chance to make an impact, so it’s time to reset. Reset the world of recruitment. And your career.

No more ambiguity.

No more being ghosted by a company. No more nail biting for weeks waiting for a phone call from the recruiter. No more bullshit.

Just clear, simple, honest and unbiased hiring. Using code to its full potential. With people behind it as passionate about the impact technology can make as you are.


That’s the power of people building.