As part of our Ultimate Guide to Tech hiring, we've covered the top tech meet-ups for developers, but what about the best meet-ups for hiring managers?

If you're recruiting for tech talent in particular, we recommend attending recruitment/hiring meet-ups and events. After all, you're likely to be looking for highly specialised roles, so it's crucial to meet likeminded individuals, build out a personal support network and learn more about different tech stacks in general.

We’ve pulled together the top 5 meet-ups for hiring managers around the UK so you'll know you’re in the right company when looking to hire for your next role.

Tech Meetups

What they’re about:

A global network of tech communities, Tech Meetups runs from San Francisco to Sydney and everywhere in-between. Whether you’ve started your own tech company, are looking to invest or are just trying to find a new batch of recruits for your business, Tech Meetups is a great place to start. With new meet-ups held monthly around London, please note that all events are ticketed.

Code Clan

What they’re about:

Scotland’s first and only SQA accredited digital skills academy, Code Clan has plenty of industry partner events for both the wider community and as a way to meet their graduating students. With more than 400 Code Clan alumni having joined the tech sector, the group's Speed Networking events are a great way to meet your next hire.

Preaching to the Hire

What they’re about:

Aimed at any and all hiring managers, Preaching to the Hire meet regularly to discuss how businesses can hire key technical talent. Given the opportunity to learn new hiring processes and share best practise tips, this meet-up is great for those who are interested in the strategy of hiring.

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