When it comes to tech hiring, it can feel like a bit of a minefield. Since the boom of the internet, developers and engineers have been in high demand and the need for companies to hire technical talent at scale has increased dramatically.

At hackajob, we think that technical recruitment is broken, which is why we’re on a mission to fix it. It’s why we decided to create this short guide, helping you to hire the very best candidates for the job. Featuring everything from advice on reducing cost and time to hire, as well as where to find new talent, we’ve come up with an assortment of advice from some of the very best minds at hackajob HQ and beyond. You can expect to learn:

  1. How to reduce both cost and time to hire
  2. Where to find new tech talent
  3. The importance of a diverse workforce
  4. How to own your brand

We'll be updating this guide on a twice-weekly basis so that you can follow along and learn how to build the ultimate tech teams.

Table of Contents

  1. Where to Find Tech Talent: London
  2. The London Tech Scene: An Overview
  3. Where to Find Tech Talent: Manchester
  4. 🔥The Hottest Languages🔥: A Definitive Guide
  5. The 20 Most Developer-Engaged Brands
  6. Where to Find Tech Talent: Bristol
  7. Representing Your Brand Culture: Here's How to do it Well
  8. Where to Find Tech Talent: Cambridge
  9. Tech Sourcing 101: The No-Fuss Cheat Sheet
  10. Where to Find Tech Talent: Edinburgh
  11. Reducing your Time to Hire: The 3 Step Guide
  12. Where to Find Tech Talent: Oxford
  13. Hiring Diversely: Making it Count
  14. Recruiting Talent: Top Meet-ups for Hiring Managers

Wondering how to scale your technical hires? Get in touch. We’d love to help.