We’ve spent the last 3 years trying to change the way people think about tech hiring. Rather than focus on looking introspectively at the kind of tech candidates companies hired before, we asked them to look at the skills applicants need to achieve their vision. We then built a whole platform around translating those skills into something quantifiable.

You see, despite our very best intentions, hiring can be biased. Sometimes in very obvious ways, sometimes in subtle, imperceptible ways. We’re all programmed to look for traits we find desirable, without necessarily looking at the big picture. It’s a real shame too, as exceptional companies deserve exceptional talent, and defining what’s exceptional is nuanced and subjective.

Fast forward to 2018 and hackajob has worked with over 1,000 world-class companies and 60,000 incredible technical people to bring our vision to life. We’ve heard stories of an Uber driver, who was self-taught, landing a dream job at a FTSE 100 company, we’ve heard about female developers who’ve cut through the inherent biases of hiring women in tech to double their salary through hackajob, and most importantly, we’ve seen a lot of happy placements on both the talent and companies side. The system works!


For the last few years our focus has been exclusively on the UK, but ultimately our opportunity is global. There are millions more developers, engineers, data scientists, and companies who we believe also share our vision. So we’re going to them.

What happens next? Well, we spoke to our existing investors (Downing, LCIF) about our vision and they loved it. Then we spoke to some new investors (hey, AXA Venture Partners!) and they loved it too. So we raised some funds, £5,000,000 of them to be precise, and set to work on our plan to transform hiring globally. You can read all about the fundraising here.

But perhaps the bit that might impact you is that fact we’re crossing the channel to set up shop in one of the most buzzing tech hubs in Europe – bonjour Paris! We’ll only focus on a few technologies upfront, but you can still expect the same incredible level of technical talent, albeit with a Gallic twist.

You can check the French site out here, but this is only the beginning. We’ll be setting up in Berlin within the next few months and a whole bunch of other tech cities in the upcoming year. Additionally, we’ll be investing in expanding our industry-leading platform with functionality and features that you will LOVE!

So, before we head off into the big wide world, we want to thank every single Software Engineer, DevOps, Architect, technical person, and awesome company who’s taken a stand against traditional hiring and joined us for the hiring revolution.

P.s. Whether you’re looking for your dream job, trying to fill a tricky technical role or want to see hackajob in your city. Contact us and we’d love to help.