5 Reasons to Consider a Tech Role in Edinburgh

Jul 31, 2022
hackajob Staff

Have you ever noticed that most people seem to fall in love with Edinburgh? We've certainly noticed.

Gazing at its castles, lush green hillsides and idyllic cobbled streets, it’s no wonder JK Rowling was inspired to set the first Harry Potter book here. It’s a city rich in history and culture, but what’s more fascinating is the city’s burgeoning innovation scene. With hundreds of Scottish companies constantly pushing boundaries in innovation across the full spectrum of technology, Edinburgh is set to become one of the UK's leading tech hubs. We’ve outlined 5 of the top reasons why it might be the city for you when considering a tech role.

1.It's a city of tech

If you’re looking to kick start a career in tech, or simply reinvent yourself in a new direction - look no further. There are a growing number of opportunities there, with lots of companies currently hiring. Lots of employers are using hackajob to hire for roles in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas including The BBC and AND Digital.

2. Food/drink

  • Pizza Geeks: A Comic Book-themed pizzeria

Have you ever seen a comic book-themed pizza shop? The idea came to life in Edinburgh when two best friends couldn't decide between opening a comic book store or a pizza place. Patrick wanted to open a comic shop, but his partner Vyni  wanted to open a pizza shop - so they decided to fuse their interests to create the perfect hangout spot. If this isn't enough for you, you should take note of their initiative towards social responsibility by doing something creative with the idea of donating pizza - every month, their pizza of the month is donated to homeless shelters!

  • Meltmongers: best hangover cure

If you're looking for some traditional and delicious comfort food this winter, Meltmongers' range is sure to keep you warm! You can play it safe with a classic cheddar, or if French-inspired is more your thing then the Le Fondre brie and caramelised onion are sure to be a winner.

3. Breathtaking architecture, rich history and mystical places

Nestled between volcanoes with breathtaking views, Edinburgh is home to some of the finest museums, rich history, and the world’s most famous annual arts festival. Whether you're interested in ghosts and witches or just want to see the famous Edinburgh castle, there's always something that will spark your interest in the Scottish capital city.

  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival - world's largest arts festival

Imagine a gigantic, wild street festival with the biggest range of performers and shows you've ever seen anywhere. Well, it's not technically necessary to use your imagination because the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is really just that! You'll see everything from brilliant comedy acts that will leave you in stitches from laughing to absolute showstoppers that will leave you in awe. If you're looking for a nice escape from everyday boredom, this is certainly a destination worth visiting.

  • Day trip: Climbing Arthur's Seat mystical energies

Almost as if it were a manifestation of some higher power, Arthur's Seat shoots up out of the ground like one of Edinburgh's many pinnacles. Climb its rocky edifices,  and feel the energy rising from the ground beneath your feet as you bask in the warmth that emerges from a heart built of natural beauty.

  • Top attractions: Edinburgh Castle of light

Ready to embark on a journey that's both wonderful and imaginative? As winter descends upon Edinburgh, one of Edinburgh's most iconic buildings, awakens from slumber and invites families to celebrate the magic of Christmas together under its spell. This November, many stories that allow you to travel back in time will tell the untold history of the breathtakingly beautiful landmark, lighting up faces for locals and visitors alike throughout the holiday season.

  • Guided Halloween Tours: Award-Winning Edinburgh Dungeon

The award-winning Edinburgh Dungeon isn't just any old dungeon. It's one of the most action-packed, magical, bone-chilling dungeon one could ever imagine! With special effects, 360 degree sets and thrilling rides, this expertly designed labyrinth will take you on an unforgettable journey through Edinburgh's darkest history. Sounds pretty cool, right? But wait...there is more! It's also home to a cast of theatrical actors who are waiting for the cue to scare you! Get ready to enter into the depths of imagination.

  • Camera Obscura & World Of Illusions

This 5-story playground is like a funhouse for grown-ups! It has everything from mazes to optical illusions - with all sorts of interactive games that are sure to amuse you!

4. Living expenses (I usually focus on rent or transport)

Edinburgh is not only picturesque to the eye, inspiring your heart to wander amongst its medieval cobblestones - it is also quite an enjoyable city to explore on foot! In fact, as you gaze upon the monuments of the city's influential history, one can easily see why some refer to Edinburgh as a 'walking museum'.

For those who like taking the scenic route, there are bus companies in and around Edinburgh that provide transportation to all sorts of places. Bus line Lothian, is the city's main mode of public transportation for getting around during daylight hours, and the NightBus and Airport Bus services are a great choice for after sunset and before sunrise. It operates more than 50 different routes throughout the city.

In terms of the cost of living, the sweet spot for 1-bedroom flats is £650-£1000 per month while prices for extra bedrooms will increase according to size. So if sharing a flat with friends sounds like your cup of tea, it might be more cost-effective to opt for a 2, 3 or even four-bedroom (if there are no other tenants).

5. History (I think as it's such an old city we can use this one)

  • A Knighted Penguin...

Edinburgh is the only city in the world to have a knighted penguin, who has since been promoted multiple times. Yes, you heard it right! His name is Sir Nils Olav, and the King penguin’s role includes inspecting Norway’s Guard when they visit Edinburgh. It can be said that Edinburgh is known for having one of the most unique military meetings in history.

  • The Edinburgh Seven

When it comes to making huge leaps in social progress, The Edinburgh Seven were the women who set the tone. These pioneering young women became known as the very first group of undergraduate female students in any British university. They began studying medicine back in 1869, but unfortunately, they all failed to graduate. However, the plight of their failure didn’t go unheard; their campaign garnered national attention and helped put women's rights to education on the agenda!

Edinburgh, ranked the third top tech city in the United Kingdom, is one of the most exciting cities. The Scottish hub is not only rich in history, but also offers citizens an array of cultural activities throughout the year that are truly breathtaking. For those who want to live on the edge between innovation and adventure, Edinburgh is a wonderful place to be.

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