How To Get A New Role Without Your Work Knowing

Feb 01, 2022
hackajob Staff

We've all been there: ready to take on a new role and leave the old behind, but first how do I get the role without my current company knowing? Well buckle up, as we certainly know a thing or two about how to get the tech role of your dreams without causing any problems at your current role. It's time for you to level up - and hackajob can help you. Keep reading to find out our top tips.

1. Sign up to hackajob

We're going to just stay it right off the bat that we have an amazing privacy function where you can exclude your current company from seeing your profile.

What does this mean for you? Well, no awkward explanation to your boss about why you've been searching for your next role. The privacy feature can be turned on for your profile after you sign up to hackajob here.

Okay that's it, end of the article.

We're kidding, keep reading for some more of our top tips to securing the bag in secrecy.

2. Keep it hush hush on socials

It's very (very!) easy to open any social media channel, create a post (or tweet), close the app and go about your business. Well, posting into the void isn't actually at work here as we all have a digital footprint. You've probably seen how easy it is to search a person's posts and see what they're up to. Well we hate to say it but news can easily make it back to your current employer (especially if they search for their handle in any posts you've made or you've forgotten you have a colleague following you).

And if you're wondering about LinkedIn - there's the option to show as 'Open to Work' where you can open your profile up to recruiters and they will try their best to ensure your company doesn't see. Sounds good right? Well it isn't guaranteed, and your employer could still see. Best to just use hackajob 😉

3. Inform prospective employers/recruiters to keep it on the low

If you already have a potential new employer - let them know that your job search is strictly confidential. This allows them to pump the breaks with some of the methods they would have used before and allows you peace of mind in knowing that news won't get back to where you work currently.

And don't worry about coming across as 'pushy' or 'difficult' - it's their job, and you are (surprisingly) not the first person to want to leave their role quietly. The employer/recruiter will usually understand and work to accommodate this.

4. Schedule interviews outside of work hours

Now we're not saying that taking 5 appointments 4 weeks in a row at 9am each time may start to look a little fishy to HR...but we're also not saying it will look normal. Do yourself a favour and switch up the times - maybe try a lunch time or even a breakfast meeting.

Also, just so your own work standards don't slip we'd recommend using your works hours to do just that. Work! It's better for you to stay on your game and leave still giving a great standard of work which could play in your favour later down the line.

5. Go incognito...or just don't use your work laptop

It sounds obvious, but we wouldn't recommend using your work laptop to look for new roles. You probably already work in tech so you know how easy it is to track which sites people go on. (And if you don't, then we are letting you know - it's incredibly easy). Use your personal laptop, or a device of someone you trust but never your company laptop.

And that's it! 5 tips we recommend for getting a new role without your current workplace knowing. Of course, transparency can also be a great way to leave your current role on a high - but we'll write a post about that soon. In the meantime, use these tips and prosper.

Best of luck!

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