Join Sainsbury's Tech Academy & become a Software Developer

Jul 20, 2022
hackajob Staff

Featuring Cam Courtman-Stock

Wondering how you could join and learn from some of the nation’s top experts in the Tech, Data and Design space? Look no further than Sainsbury’s Engineering Jumpstart Programme.

If you’re imagining what it’ll be like, we’ve got you covered in our Jumpstarting my Career in Tech with Sainsbury’s series where we go behind the scenes and speak with real-live Sainsbury’s Tech Academy candidates and find out how they help create better retail experiences for Sainsbury’s customers using tech. We spoke with Cherish to find out about her experience from the world of science to a whole new world of Tech. Let's meet Cam!

Cam Courtman-Stock

Why did you decide to apply for the Engineering Jumpstart programme with Sainsbury’s Tech Academy?

I finished studying Computer Science at university in 2021 and I was focused on continuing my development as a Software Developer. The Sainsbury's Tech Academy offered a great chance to get on-the-job experience as a developer, whilst meeting like-minded people and continuing my development as a programmer. I felt like the Jumpstart programme was the natural progression from studying at university.

What were your expectations before joining and has the experience lived up to this?

Before joining, I knew that Sainsbury's was a massive, well-respected company, so I had an idea of what the environment would be like. I thought that in the first few years I wouldn't have many opportunities to stand out and take responsibility. However, Sainsbury's Tech has exceeded my expectations in many regards.

Firstly, Sainsbury's Tech really embraces diversity which is great to see. As someone who has grown up in the London area and studied in Birmingham, diversity is very important to me. Secondly, I love the approach Sainsbury's Tech has to learning and personal development. I've really grown as an individual since joining and that is thanks to the business' investment in my learning. Lastly, the opportunities that have been presented include hackathons, socials, interview shadowing opportunities, skillboosts, seminars... the list goes on. All in all, Sainsbury's has really exceeded my expectations.

What is the biggest learning you’ve taken away from the experience?

The programme has massively boosted my confidence and willingness to put myself out there and take on new challenges and opportunities that are presented to me.

Which part of the tech stack you use(d) was easiest to pick up, and which was a bit more challenging?

I've started using AWS for the first time recently and it isn't as hard to pick up as I thought it would be. AWS offers a lot of functionality and I thought it would be very confusing to navigate at first, but I'm enjoying working with it. As for the hardest piece of tech, I'd have to say that some of the more advanced React concepts were quite confusing, to begin with, as I hadn't worked with JavaScript or done much Front-end development before joining.

What surprised you most about the experience?

It surprised me how friendly and welcoming everyone is within the business. In Sainsbury's Tech we quite often collaborate with different teams, so I'm constantly talking to new people. Everyone is always more than willing to help and that's a real breath of fresh air for someone new to software development.

If you could give any advice to someone looking to join the programme, what would it be?

Go for it, even if you have doubts about your technical or programming ability. I think the most crucial skill you need is a willingness to learn and collaborate with others! Programming can be easily taught, but motivation cannot.

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