Myths and Facts of Getting a Role in Tech

Aug 27, 2021
hackajob Staff

There are a lot of myths about getting into the tech sector – like a lot – so we thought we'd take a look at them so you don't have to. We’ll be myth-busting and truth-spitting like the wondrous tech talent platform we are. Okay, enough ego-stroking, let’s get to the good stuff and what you've been waiting for.

Our credentials: we’ve matched hundreds of developers, data scientists, engineers and more with some of the most exciting tech companies around as well as partnered with the likes of Discovery+, Vodafone, Sainsbury's Tech and MoneySuperMarket with online events. Simply put, we know our stuff and so we're going to share it.

1. You have to know how to code

We're not going to downplay coding and developing – it's a huge part of the way we interact with tech on the daily but it's simply untrue that you must code to get a role in tech. Whilst there are plenty of roles that require knowledge of certain languages like JavaScript, Ruby on the Rails, Java, C# and more, there are other ways of getting into tech that may suit you and your skillset more. Think Data Analyst, Quality Assurance, Scrum Master, and other roles.

And if you'd like to add to your repertoire, you can try out our technical tests by signing up to hackajob and creating a profile here.

2. It’s hard to get jobs without a Computer Science Degree

The job market is tough, but the tech sector has been booming for a little while now. And whilst it's constantly being touted as difficult to get in to, the good news is that you don't have to get a degree in Computer Science (although you most certainly can if you want to!). We've seen in an increase during the past few years in the amount of initiatives to support people who want to get into tech. From Tech Returners to Women in Tech and boot camps such as Makers.

Here's a secret: if you are passionate about tech, and you can demonstrate this (think personal projects, contributing to open source projects, attending webinars), this will help you massively.

3. There's no diversity in tech

This is ... a work in progress, so not quite a myth but something that a lot of tech companies are trying to improve upon. Much has been done to ensure that people from all genders, races, nationalities, class, locations and ages can get into tech. From charters and meetups to inclusive projects like we saw in our event with the Financial Times.

It's clear that the tech sector isn't slowing down any time soon, so don't let preconceived ideas of who can work in tech stop you from a career you could potentially really enjoy.

4. You have to live in London to get a tech job

There's no denying that London is absolutely buzzing with tech organisations and start-ups, but there are thriving tech hubs all over the UK – and we should know a thing or two about it as we've seen an increase in requests for candidates living in places outside of London. (We've also written about why you should consider taking tech roles in Manchester and Leeds.)

Living in the capital isn't for everyone, and with more companies than ever offering remote working, this is definitely a myth that doesn't reflect the current state of the sector.

5. There is no work/life balance in tech

This depends on the type of role you do, and the company that you join. However, from the companies that we partner with, a lot offer great benefits to ensure you get the most out of your career with them including time to volunteer, private healthcare and even 35hr weeks. And with companies offering more flexibility with schedules, maternity/paternity leave, holidays and more, you'll be able to have a more rounded life.


So that's it – 5 myths about tech ... busted. Like what you've read or want more like this? Let us know! Email us here or DM us: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, we'd love to hear from you.