The Advantages of Being a Contractor

May 17, 2019
hackajob Staff

You asked, we listened and made it our mission to launch contract jobs via the hackajob platform. Want to know why going ‘contract’ is the new ‘in’ thing? Keep reading…


The freedom you’ll experience by being a contractor is an entirely different experience compared to working a permanent 9-5 in an office. Whilst permanent jobs are fantastic, sometimes you need a little less structure and a little more freedom in your daily routine.

Keen to learn something new on the side, or only want to work on certain days so that you can be with your kids/dog/friends/all-of-the-above? Go for it! Now's your chance to embrace what you really want from life, and make your working hours work for you.

You get where we’re going with this. Ultimately, no matter how you slice it, being contract leads to a lot of freedoms that can’t always be met when being in a permanent role.


They say that variety is the spice of life, and if that’s the case, then Contract Jobs can certainly work for you. Enabling you to choose from an assortment of different projects, going contract means giving your life an added bit of flexibility. Whether you want to work for 6 months before jetting off to travel the world or just need something to tide you over for a few months before moving onto the next thing, Contract Jobs are here to help you choose what works best for you in the moment.

Working in this way has so many benefits, not including the fact that technically, you’ll never be late for a meeting as you won’t have anywhere that you’ll need to be. Being able to work uninterrupted, you’re likely to experience high levels of productivity, feel more motivated and experience less stress than if you were employed via a traditional office structure.

Ultimately, contracting is all about balance and flexibility, and making your work, work for you. Besides, the typical 9-5 structure can either be the perfect working schedule, or a little too rigid for some. And it’s ok, we get it. It’s totally normal to have other priorities and spending your time how you want too is key. Whatever your situation (e.g. wanting to be with your friends/family/dog/all-of-the-above or generally prefer a different way of working), being a contractor means that you can have added flexibility within your working life whilst not sacrificing your personal goals.


With the freedom to cherry pick both the clients and projects of your choosing, going contract can mean lots of opportunities to further your career in a way that works for you. Working without restrictions, if you don’t have the capacity for a certain project, aren’t comfortable with something else or simply want more variety in the work that you take on, opting for contract-based opportunities is certainly a way forward.

Exposing you to plenty of different companies and new working domains, it’s the perfect opportunity to learn some new skills and brush up on your existing knowledge. You’ll get to see how different businesses work and have the opportunity to show that you can adapt to a variety of fields.

The best part? You’re in the driving seat and will be taking complete ownership of your projects. Starting from scratch on a new activity or working with a new business may seem daunting, but it’s a fantastic way to develop your skillset. As a bonus, you’ll be able to develop an amazing portfolio along the way, which can help lead you to even bigger and better opportunities down the line.

Overall, if you’re yearning to take charge, be in control of your schedule and ultimately be your own boss, then the contract life might just be for you. Allowing for flexibility and giving you the opportunity to be a lot more selective with what you want to work on, contract jobs can help give you the freedom you need and without having to sacrifice your personal life. Interested in finding out more? Discover the contract opportunities we have available now.