3 Secrets to Success working in Huel's Tech Team

Oct 25, 2022
hackajob Staff

You might know Huel for their quick, nutritious meals or maybe you've laughed along with their light-hearted tweets. But... have you ever thought about the technology that goes into delivering the World's No.1 Complete Food replacement brand?

That's right: behind every single meal-in-a-bottle is a carefully designed and technologically advanced process that makes sure every gram of protein, ounce of fibre, and nutrient gets into your body exactly when it needs it. But hey, we're not here to sell you their products. We're here to shed light on their tech team, company perks and culture and how you could join them as an engineer.

What you need to know about Huel

As much as Huel’s headquarters brim with on-site benefits, the true formula behind their success lies in the intangible: a culture that outshines the average company. So what’s their secret? Let’s take a look at some of the things Huel's offices can teach us and the 3 secrets of Huel's great success.

Let's get started!

Secret #1: Huel uses AI to find the best and brightest tech talent (like you!)

Huelchella, is just one of the many assets of Huel's great company culture. 

When it comes to hiring, Huel is ahead of the game. You've probably read countless job descriptions filled with clichés about a “fast-paced environment” or “highly competitive culture” followed by a bullet list of required skills longer than your arm. This isn't the case at Huel. As Engineering Director, Chris Traverse emphasises:

'It's all about finding the right person for the job - not just somebody who happens to know the right thing. Sure, given enough time and the right tools, anyone can learn how to code – but finding somebody who has a passion for what they do? That sort of thing can't be taught.'

In their guest feature in collaboration with The DevLab Podcast, we also saw how Huel provides a space where you can grow in your engineering abilities. All whilst enjoying a fun environment with a pool table, on-site gym and free Huel shakes just to name a few perks. They invest in everyday people who share ambitious goals and are excited to pursue them together. Plus, they're hiring like crazy via hackajob!

Secret #2: Huel provides a space for succeeding in tech as a non-technical person

"How can I excel at a job that requires coding knowledge when I suck at numbers and my head explodes each time I take an IT-related course?", you may ask. Maybe you've concluded that "I can’t work in tech. It's not for me". Throw those thoughts away – tech is for everyone, and Huel certainly believes so.

We heard from Senior QA Engineer, Aminata Kabba, on her journey from Marketing to completing the 100 Days of Code Challenge to being hired as a QA at a global company just a few months later. If this is you, there's no need to have imposter syndrome. Just remember

  • You can bring different thoughts and perspectives on the industry just by way of being you
  • With a non-technical background stepping into the industry you breathe a new sense of curiosity that equally helps the business

Huel actively encourages applications from a diverse range of candidates. Find out more about the company here.

Secret #3: Huel offers autonomy, trust, and endless growth opportunities

Whether you are a Software Engineer, Business Intelligence Developer or Data Scientist, there's a place for you at Huel. One-third of our lives is spent at work. You deserve to work at a company that gets you and allows you to progress.

At Huel, there's an exceptionally flexible development pipeline. It's not all about hierarchy, and that's a good thing —not a top-down, or a bottom-up, but a middle-out strategy that best enables everyone to rally around common goals. That kind of structure relies on a culture of trust to function.

Creating a holistic working environment where everyone can do their best, most productive work is an ethos that has served the engineering teams at Huel well.

And that's it!

Huel's philosophy of providing meaning to their employee's work and lives brings out the best in the employees. So, if you're itching to become a Hueligan, check out the tech roles available on our platform where you can be matched with them in as little as 3 weeks. It takes just 5 minutes to sign up.

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