The Top Tech Meet-Ups in Manchester

Jul 31, 2022
hackajob Staff

Code Up Manchester

A learner-led monthly meet-up, you tell Code Up Manchester what you need help with, and they’ll do their best to help. Believing in technical education without barriers, this meet-up is aimed at entry level developers.

Digital North

Bringing together all tech wizards, Digital North is one of the top monthly meet-ups for technical talent up north. Specialising in big data, product management and UX design, you can expect to find pizza and beer whilst listening to top speakers in the Digital North set.

HackerNest Tech Socials

Want to meet new friends who love tech? Look no further than HackerNest. Helping to advance technology, HackerNest’s events are agenda-free and full of potential future employers and investors, as well as the next wave of tech talent.

Manchester Futurists

Interested in bio-hacking, trans-humanism and machine learning? You’re in luck because so are Manchester Futurists. Taking an evidence-based approach to all-things tech, the Manchester Futurists value diversity and healthy debate at their events.

Ladies of Code

Ladies of Code is a meet-up dedicated to women developers. With three different pillars of focus; professional development, personal development and social engagement all envelop Ladies of Code members. What’s more, there’s also some wicked guest speakers.

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