The Top Tech Meet-Ups in London

Jul 31, 2022
hackajob Staff

The top tech meet-ups in London

Tech for Good

Founded in 2013, Tech for Good describe themselves as ‘tech with humankind in mind’. Bringing you the human side of technology & social change, Tech for Good has over 8,000 members.


With over 8,000 members, Minibar is a social evening in Shoreditch that brings together web entrepreneurs, developers and investors. Expect to see new presentations on trending tech whilst helping yourself to free beer.

Internet of things London

Founded in 2011, the Internet of things meet regularly to talk about ‘anything that puts a network computer where none has gone before’. Covering smart homes, open data, quantified self and more, non-curious devs need not apply.

Silicon Roundabout

Described as the biggest tech meet-up in London, Silicon Roundabout is there to help engineers develop new technologies and turn them into innovative business solutions. Providing valuable entrepreneurship resources, Silicon Roundabout connects the brightest minds in London.

Women Who Code

The largest and most active community of women engineers in London, Women Who Code is dedicated to inspiring women to excel in the world of tech. Offering study sessions, lightning talks and keynotes with industry influencers, Women Who Code is the ultimate support group for women in tech.

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