Get all of the latest tech industry insights into hiring trends, diversity and inclusion, employer branding and more in our reports.

Shaping Tomorrow: What Women in Tech Want

For the first time in hackajob history, we're lifting the lid on what women in tech want.

Discover how to attract, engage and retain the very best female tech talent through our findings.

Unveiling Emerging Tech Talent Trends

Wondering how your organisation could benefit from 2024 tech hiring trends? Discover in our latest report.

You'll get insights into location trends, DEI, hottest skills and technologies, and the future of AI.

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DE&I Changemakers 2023

We've put together a list of movers, shakers and diversity changemakers who are leading the way to a more equitable and inclusive workplace.

Find out how they, and the organisations they work at, are changing the game in this paper and how you could too.

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What do Tech Talent Want in 2023?

Ready to find out what the tech talent you’re hiring really want? And, more importantly, how to retain them?

We surveyed over 1000 people in tech to understand what truly motivates them to join a new company, with interesting results.

Tech Jobs Bubble
Tech Jobs Bubble
The Tech Jobs Bubble: Hiring Trends for 2023

Despite the current climate in the tech industry, we're seeing a steady increase in the number of tech roles being created across sectors.

From salaries to location, diversity and more, find out the latest tech hiring trends in our latest report.

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How WFH has Changed Employee Experience

What are the effects that a remote working policy has on the employee experience and what do tech talent expect?

Discover how your company can progress with our latest insights in this report delving into diversity, equity, inclusion and more. 

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The Great Disconnect in Tech

Whilst the pandemic first led to a dramatic pause, organisations are now charging to build the digital economy of the future, today.

We delve into how tech talent and employers have never been more misaligned.

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What do Tech Talent want in 2021?

We’ve surveyed over 1,700+ Developers, Engineers, Data Scientists, Cloud Architects and more to find out what they want from their jobs in 2021.

In this report we share practical steps you can take to cater for tech talent in 2021 and beyond.

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Designing a Tech Hiring Strategy Post Brexit

Interested in knowing how to design a tech hiring strategy post-Brexit? 

In this guide, we’re sharing our thoughts on how your organisation can design a sustainable sourcing strategy long term.

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Blueprint for building a diverse workforce

Unbiased hiring is one of the key ways companies can address the digital skills gap and drive greater productivity.

In this report, we share our experience from over 4 years of tech hiring and insight from 1000+ companies.

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The Developer Job Satisfaction Survey

We interviewed tech talent to build a comprehensive snapshot of the things that matter to them and the current status of the workforce.

Discover how to attract, nurture and retain outstanding technical talent in this report.

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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring in the UK

Featuring everything from tips on reducing cost and time to hire, as well as where to find new talent, we’ve created a definitive guide to hiring in the UK.

Find out how your organisation could benefit here.

Ready to find the best tech talent?