Simplify diverse hiring with meaningful data

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Boost visibility of diverse candidates in your pipeline
Remove bias and create a more equitable hiring process

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Talent Insights

Stop losing diverse talent due to a biased process

Not sure why talent is rejecting your outreach efforts? Access real-time data that categorizes your hiring funnel based on DE&I attributes including gender and ethnicity. Capture candidate decline reasons and pinpoint where and why you may be losing diverse talent at various stages. Take action and create a more inclusive hiring environment. 

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Brand Insights

Assess the effectiveness of your employer brand

Discover who has shown interest in your company and assess their diversity. Compare this data with the diversity metrics in your talent pipeline and benchmark your performance against other companies to evaluate the effectiveness of your employer brand in attracting diverse talent. 

Inclusive Job Ads

Remove bias from your job ads

Experience real-time, AI-powered analysis of your job descriptions. With job specs screened as they are uploaded, you'll be provided with a robust review before a role goes live. Our system detects any bias and suggests changes in real-time, ensuring your job ads are inclusive and appealing to a diverse pool of tech candidates.

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DE&I Matching

Manage the diversity in your talent pipeline

Match with active candidates based on their technical skills and other attributes. From there, establish your DE&I objectives, and candidates aligned with your goals will receive prioritisation, promoting positive action.

Save time and effort sourcing top tech talent