How I’ve kept my 20-year tech career fresh

Jul 31, 2023
hackajob Staff

Not everyone follows a linear path in tech. Whilst one day you may be a Business Analyst, the next day you could be a Tester or Developer. Internal mobility is a widely-kept secret to progressing in the tech industry, and can really propel your career to the next level. Wondering how? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in our latest interview with Paula, a Principal Business Analyst at EG, part of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

Hi Paula, how did your journey in tech start and what do you do now?

I started as a Computer Hardware Technician, a far cry from my current role as a Principal Business Analyst. I’ve always loved pulling things apart to see how the work, so when my family got their first computer, which was a 386, back in the day, that’s exactly what I did – and I was hooked!

I spent a number of years doing that and then progressed from hardware to software where my journey with LexisNexis Risk Solutions began as a Software Tester. I firmly believe that having that experience has stood me in good stead throughout my career because you tend to look at things through a slightly different lens as a tester when you're trying to break things. After this, having tested many features and products, I wanted a little bit more input. For example, more contact with our users, so I decided on a role change. LexisNexis Risk Solutions supported that career track change from software testing into becoming Business Analyst where I was able to gain some really valuable experience in our legal and professional markets. Again, after some time, wanting a little bit more input on the products I was contributing to with the development teams, which is when I joined the Product team as a Product Manager. Then, having spent quite some time in the legal markets by this point, I was very keen on a new challenge, which is why I moved to the risk part of the business where there are many different markets to choose from. And so far, I've explored Financial Crime and Compliance and most recently, commercial property.

How do you marry your technical skills and practical skills in the role that you do at LexisNexis Risk Solutions?

As a Business Analyst, you do need really good soft skills. Being organised and able to share information with others in a way that's meaningful to them has really helped me in my journey, but above all, you need to be great at making and maintaining relationships and facilitating positive outcomes.

Understanding technology, landscapes, concepts and patterns is definitely something that you can gain over time. These skills are transferable, which is why my skills and knowledge have evolved, as I've moved throughout the business and been in contact with many different teams, and many different products.

How does the work you do make a difference to your life and the lives of your customers and what do you enjoy about working there?

Because of the career path that I've taken from Testing to Business Analyst and also into Product Management, I’ve come across a lot of customers and stakeholders. I like that you can be the voice of the customer in a technology setting and I I feel confident in saying the work that I do within technology does make a difference to our customers, it's always with them in mind. I really enjoy collaborating with multiple disciplines within a team. We bring different perspectives, skills and experience, which can have really powerful outcomes for both the business and our customers.

What are your top tips for those looking to take advantage of internal mobility?

I think the key thing is to be curious. Don't be afraid to ask questions like ‘What else is there? Where can I go from here?’. There are a lot of teams in many different markets and the opportunities are there for everyone to discover here at LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

We have a clear process for career development, which you can take full advantage of. It can be helpful to focus where you are now and where you'd like to get to but it also makes your skills and strengths visible across the business. So if any hiring manager is looking for a particular skill set – there you are! It’s worked for me.

How do you align with the values of LexisNexis Risk Solutions?

If I try and use works to describe how I work and what drives me, you'll find similarities in our company values. One that springs to mind is keeping up to date using new technologies which was particularly key during the pandemic, as everybody had to ramp up their digital collaboration skills and tools.

Also, being aware of the wider business, its markets and the teams driving those positive outcomes for our communities. And that might sound like a glib answer, but actually, LexisNexis Risk Solutions as part of the RELX group do a whole heap of charitable programmes where employees are encouraged to take the time out to contribute in their local areas, but on a global scale.

Finally, I'd highlight being curious, asking questions challenging the norm, but being respectful and contributing to change where it's needed.

What is your favourite part about working for LexisNexis Risk Solutions and how do they support you with opportunities?

My favourite thing about working for LexisNexis Risk Solutions has to be the people and the culture in our company. I'm surrounded by super-talented people who are very supportive. I've recently moved markets as I mentioned before, so I'm feeling this very keenly at the moment, having just joined our commercial property brand, EG,, a move which was supported by the business.

My move was supported because it's faster and smarter to nurture your existing talent in a mutually beneficial way than to lose them, so you know that they really care. I've always felt invested in during my career at LexisNexis Risk Solutions, even during difficult times or times of change. I think that’s what makes this company really special.

And that's it!

If Paula’s story sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, then you’re in luck as LexisNexis Risk Solutions has plenty of tech jobs on offer! If you’d like to join the team, then create a profile on the hackajob platform, where they’re currently hiring for a variety of roles or log in to your profile here.

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