Why I Joined Cirium and Why You Should Too

Jul 24, 2023
hackajob Staff

Imagine being part of the tech team revolutionising the aviation industry! Globally. If you haven’t heard of Cirium or the work that its engineers do, then you’ll want to read this interview with Mahati, a Software Engineering Manager. We get into how she landed the job, the onboarding process, her tips and more! Keep reading to find out.

Meet Mahati!

Mahati, you’ve been a Software Engineering Manager at Cirium for a little while. How did your career start and how did you get to where you are today?

From India to the UK – my journey in the tech industry has been nothing short of adventurous. Armed with a Bachelor's in Computer Science and a Master's in Computer Applications, I entered the industry during a time of scarce opportunities. I secured a developer job out of thousands of applicants through a lot of hard work and passion. I love what I do, so naturally becoming a Technical Lead worked well, and I’ve now recently joined Cirium as a Software Engineering Manager.

What is the most important skill you have found useful working at Cirium so far and why?

It’s often underrated in the tech industry, but I think people skills are a great asset. Being able to collaborate, explain and connect with stakeholders and other co-workers is key. I've honed this skill over many years - especially when I became a Tech Lead. At first, it was tough. I struggled with the added responsibilities and didn't quite know how to handle it all. But, thanks to some feedback, books, and mentors, I made some changes which made a world of difference. Not only did I fit into my new role like a glove, but the team felt more comfortable too!

What was the onboarding process like and what stood out to you?

The onboarding at Cirium was great. They've got a standard process, assigning new joiners a buddy to take care of things and provide helpful knowledge sharing. But here's what stood out to me the most: it's the people and conversations that make it outstanding. On my first day, my manager made sure I interacted with all stakeholders I'd be working with which helped me to understand where I’d fit in. It was like a breath of fresh air compared to my previous experiences.

Another plus is that the managers here really care. They check in with me periodically and ask for feedback as a new person in the organisation. They're always looking to improve and create a supportive environment. Overall, the highlight for me is the people who are always willing to help. I feel supported in my role and that's worth its weight in gold.

Do you have any tips for those looking to join the team at Cirium?

Be authentic. Embrace your strengths and limitations, and let your unique talents shine through in your work. And don't forget to stay curious! Keep asking questions and seeking answers, especially when starting a new job. At Cirium, we support everyone and give them the freedom to grow. So, don't hold back - approach others with confidence and contribute in a way that showcases your true self. Be bold, be curious, and be yourself!

As a Software Engineering Manager, what is your style of working with people and how do you create a culture and environment where your colleagues can thrive?

I prioritise taking care of my team in order to ensure the successful delivery of projects. I truly believe that when the team is well taken care of, they are better equipped to take care of the delivery. So, I always make sure to listen actively, keep my ears open, and show empathy. That way, I can understand what my team members need and make sure they feel heard and supported. And when they achieve something, no matter how small, I make sure to celebrate it because everyone deserves a little boost now and then.

I also recognise that everyone is different and has their own way of working and communicating so it’s important for me to understand this and accommodate it. That’s why I encourage my team members to embrace their unique strengths – I actually think this is why we have such a great culture here at Cirium.

And if they make mistakes along the way, I try to create a safe space where we can all learn and grow from it. I believe that personal development comes from continuous learning, so I want my team to explore new things, share their knowledge, and apply what they’ve learned in real-life situations. In short, taking care of my team leads to project success and personal growth for everyone involved. It’s a win-win situation!

What is your favourite thing about working for Cirium and how do they support you with opportunities?

My favourite part of working here is the freedom I have! From day one, I've been given the green light to explore and experiment without any pushback or questioning. The support from my colleagues has kept me thriving in this challenging environment. I've grown so much thanks to these challenges, and it's beyond fulfilling.

Cirium has also been a game-changer for my career growth. They've laid out a clear plan for me, and we check in periodically to adjust as needed. Having that kind of support and understanding of where I'm headed is priceless. I'm very happy here.

And that's it!

Wondering how you could be happy in your role just like Mahati? If you’d like to join the team at Cirium, then create a profile on the hackajob platform, where they’re currently hiring for a variety of roles or log in to your profile here.

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